PRESS: NEMESES - Platinum Sky on Blue Bardot

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Amazingly minimal - and pensively beautiful - Blue Bardot features Platinum Sky this week - another imaginative blog and another fantastic stop for Platinum Sky as it continues to get love across the web.

The dreamy vibe of this blog really fits the dreamy vibe of this track.  Scroll around for more choice songs - and give them a follow while you are at it, also - be sure to check out this blogger's personal music project.

- Thanks Blue

PRESS: NEMESES - Platinum Sky now streaming on Universal Melody

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Saying "SoundCloud is the future" is like saying "this online shopping thing is probably gonna take off," it makes you sound like you just crawled out of a bomb shelter. We love that SoundCloud playlistsers are have real pull in the scene.

If WE were going to be stuck in a  bomb shelter for a few years, dear god let us be be trapped with Universal Melody channel on repeat.  

Great Playlist, Great Taste - Thanks guys.

NEMESES Streaming Everywhere


RIVALS' second EP proves even further range, versatility, and sonic innovations are in store from the production duo.

Opening with a dreamy beat that wistfully calls out to early downtempo and sample based electronica - NEMESES is a sprint from light to dark, from vibey to ominous - ending with a savage banger that seems more at home in the final climax of a gritty dystopian film than an instrumental EP.

While we await the release of a more traditional, feature-heavy mixtape project - NEMESES gives us instead a glimpse into the aesthetics and production techniques of RIVALS as they continue to expand their catalogue, repertoire, and audience.